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Thursday,July 27 2017| 10:29 P.S.T.

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Dunkerk Flysurfing Club, the city of Dunkerque, the nautic club of Dunkerk and their partners are hosting the French round of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT), the Four leg of the World Tour with 40 000USD prize Money. This event belongs to the professional circuit of the 2007 Kiteboard World Cup, since 99 the best World Tour. During 7 days, the best world?s kiteboarders, Ainho Garcia (SP), Sebastien Garat (FR), Christian Holley (UK), Victor Borsuk (Pol)...... will compete for the 2007 world championship. This major sporting event will be held on the site of the nautic base of Dunkerk called ?La Licorne?. The ? Dunkerk Kiteboard Pro? will not only offer a highly spectacular sporting show, but also offer a rich programme of entertainment and festivities.

32 men, 32 kids, and 12 women will participate to the French round. A major change is that the kids will not be able to join the adult category. As a result more kids belonging to Dunkerk Flysurfing Club will be able to participate.
During the race event, the members of the DFC and of the Nautic Club of ? Le Perroquet? (Parrot) will be allowed to run with the professionals during the race event taking place between Dunkerk and Bray Dunes.

The Freestyle Run, The KPWT Top Event
During the freestyle event the best international pro runners will attempt to win the most points and improve their standings in the 2007 world tour ranking . Besides the freestyle?s discipline, Dunkerk Kiteboard Pro will offer a rich program of events. For instance a sliders? event (race made of different obstacles) will be organized as well as a race of course Racing (speed race of about 10 kilometers), likely to be the most physical event of all. And of the Hang Time World Cup.

The partners?s village ?Glisse?: Festivities for all public
Between 80 000 and 100 000 spectators are expected to attend the event. A rich and entertaining programme has been designed to attract all publics. Various outdoor activities are planed. Trials of Kitesurf equipment, VTT, Kayak, Skate Park with local club?s demonstrations and initiations, climbing wall, demonstration of Mountain Board by Olivier Garet and Caudine Podvin (members of the DFC and both French champions 2007 of the discipline). But also, wakeboard, tracked buoy, catamaran baptism, initiation of nautical Ski in the tank of 50 meters.
A village ?Evenement Propre? of the urban community of Dunkerque (CUD) with animations on the Durable Growth, Hip Hop demonstrations, Beach Volley and Sand Ball field, char a voile baptism.
All major brands will be attending to demonstrate and present state of the art equipments presentation of materials. But also the presence of a Stand DFC Girls and UNSS Kite of DK.
A podium of the Region North/Pas-de-Calais will offer a number of games and contests to the public, throwing of PAV, inflatable castle, elastic resistance, Sumo, jousts, drinks, the bus Arcelor Mital and a bus from DK marine bus will complete the village.

Since then, during each summer season, two beach-marshals are in function at the Dunkerk?s beach. Their role has grown and improved overtime and served as role model to implement the same concept in other Beaches in France.


Men OVERALL DISCIPLINES before Dunkerque
1 - Sébastien GARAT (FRA) ; 6560 pts ; RRD
2 - Tom HEBERT (NC) ; 5696 pts ; AIRUSH
3 - Florian DAUBOS (FRA) ; 4540 pts ; NAISH
3 - Antoine AURIOL (FRA) ; 4540 pts ; KITELOOSE
5 - Sander LENTEN (NED) ; 3660 pts ; FLEXIFOIL

Women OVERALL DISCIPLINES before Dunkerque
1 - Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) ; 7120 pts ; AIRUSH
2 - Hélène BARRIERE(FRA) ; 6380 pts ; NORTH
3 - Kristin BOESE (GER) ; 6300 pts ; BEST
4 - Noelia NUNEZ (SPA) ; 2940 pts ; NAISH
5 - Paloma G. GONZALEZ (SPA) ; 2780 pts ; BEST

IBIS Dunkerque-Centre
13 rue du Leughenaer
59140 Dunkerque
Mél :
Site web (URL) :
Téléphone filaire : 03 28 66 29 07
Télécopieur /fax : 03 28 63 67 87

POSTED : 24/08/2007

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